ଆଇନ ସେବା ସମ୍ବନ୍ଧୀୟ ଯୋଜନା

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1A Scheme for Legal Services to Disaster
2Child Friendly Legal Services to Children and their Protection
3Compensation Scheme for Women VictimsSurvivors of
4Effective Implementation of Poverty Alleviation Schemes
5Legal Services to the Mentally Ill and Mentally Disabled Persons
6Legal Services to the Victims of Drug Abuse and Eradication of Drug Menace
7Legal Services to the Workers in the Unorganized Sector
8NALSA (Legal Services to Senior Citizens) Scheme, 2016
9NALSA (Legal Services to Victims of Acid Attacks) Scheme, 2016
10Para-Legal Volunteers (Revised)
11Protection and Enforcement of Tribal Rights
12Victims of Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation
13Odisha Victim Compensation Scheme, 2017
14Amendment to the Odisha Victim Compensation Scheme, 2017
15The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987
16The National Legal Services Authority Rules, 1995
17The National Legal Services Authority (Free and Competent Legal Services) Regulations, 2010.
18The National Legal Services Authority (Legal Services Clinics) Regulations, 2011.
19The Supreme Court Legal Services Committee Regulations, 1996
20The Supreme Court Legal Services Committee Rules, 2000
21Scheme to provide Legal Services to the Middle Income Citizen
22Orissa (State) Legal Aid and Advice Scheme, 1981
23Legal Aid to the Poor Rules, 1975
24Orissa (State) Legal Services Authorities Rules, 1996
25Orissa (State) Legal Services Authorities Regulations, 1996
26Orissa (State) Legal Services Authorities Order, 1997
27The National Legal Services Authority (Lok Adalats) Regulations, 2009
28Lok Adalat Rules, 1990
29The Permanent Lok Adalat (Other Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Chairman and Other Persons) Rules, 2003
30(Permanent and Continuous) Lok Adalat with Conciliation and Counselling Centre Scheme, 2000