Help Line

Rendering Legal Advice through Helpline.
Legal Aid Helpline Schemes has been implemented since 18.12.2006 which functions in the office premises of Orissa State Legal Services Authority, Cantonment Road, Cuttack-1. The Helpline is manned by competent lawyers who listen to various legal problems of the common people over phone and give necessary legal advice. The Helpline is in operation during the office hours of every working day. The telephone bearing No. 0671-2307432 / 1516 / 15100 is in use for this purpose and through the said telephone contact can be made with this Authority seeking legal advice and services.
Legal Advice is being provided by the State Authority through Help Line to the persons requiring or in need of the same on different legal provisions, legal remedies so also on the provisions of the State Legal Services Authorities Acts, Rules, Regulations, Schemes there under.